Real-time temperature monitoring for vaccine cold chains
Ensure the safety and potency of vaccines with our end-to-end temperature monitoring platform.
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ColdTrace Facility
Monitor your cold chain equipment remotely
CTX is custom-built to monitor walk-in cold rooms, and vaccine refrigerators and freezers at any health facility.
Get notified on temperature excursions and power failures in real time with SMS alerts.
Track up to 16 sensors in your facility with a single CTX base station.
Learn More about CTX
Learn More about CTX
ColdTrace Transport
Ensure vaccine safety on the go
Our transport solution safeguards vaccines during distribution trips and supports best practices at every level of the cold chain.
Pair your smartphone to a ColdTrace sensor via bluetooth.
Receive instant alerts if vaccine temperatures fluctuate beyond safe limits.
Utilize GPS data for detailed insights into each journey, facilitating better route planning and distribution efficiency.
Learn more about CT Transport
Learn more about CT Transport
ColdTrace Analytics
Comprehensive cold chain data visualizations
Our analytics dashboard and reports provide intuitive visualizations of temperature and power availability data across all levels.
Whether you are a nurse, a technician, a transporter or a regional vaccine officer - our dashboard is tailored to meet your needs.
Identify cold chain failures, plan for new equipment procurement, and allocate resources to fix what’s broken.
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The Nexleaf Advantage
Your Partners on the Ground
Nexleaf Customer Support provides installation, trainings, data consultancy, and everything countries need to achieve system-wide improvements with ColdTrace.
We facilitate large-scale training and installation, ensuring that every team member is adept in leveraging ColdTrace to its fullest potential.
We provide routine maintenance, ensuring that your ColdTrace devices remain connected and functional at all times.
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